The Great American Wheat Experiment (Part 3)

Now, About Those Hops...

As you may recall from our previous episode(s), the base American Wheat is coming along nicely. The substitution of some Simcoe for the late addition of Liberty hops added just a touch of citrusy goodness. Now, let's reset the yeast and change-up the hops a bit.

Instead of two additions of Liberty, we are going to substitute .75 oz of Simcoe at 15 minutes. Simcoe is an interesting hop that has the citrusy, fruity characters of many American Hops (Cascade, Centennial, etc.) but also has a herbal, woody or piney characteristic as well. The goal here is just to add some fruitiness and a bit of extra 'something' to the bitterness profile. IBU will be a bit higher at around 25 IBU.

The Results : v1.3

The substitution of Simcoe hops did bring about a subtle, but noticable smoothness to the flavor profile. A slight citrus note was present but, again, very subtle. I did not detect any of the piny/woody characteristics of Simcoe in this batch. Overall, I would say Liberty + Simcoe was an improvement over just Liberty for this beer. I might suggest Amarillo or Cascade or Centennial instead of Simcoe for even more citrusy goodness.

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American Wheat Experiment v1.3 ::: 1.052/1.010 (6.25 Gal)

Grain Bill (Assumed 70% Efficiency)

5# - 2 Row Pale Malt
5# - White Wheat
2# - Victory Malt

Hop Schedule - 25 IBU

1oz. - Liberty - 60 min.
.75oz. - Simcoe - 30 min.


Safale S05 American Ale Yeast - rehydrated in H20


Mash at 151 for 60 min.
Boil time : 60 min.
Cool and ferment at 66°


Results: Liberty + Citrusy Hop = Good.

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