The Great American Wheat Experiment (Part 2)

That Was Good, Now What?

With a solid, clean-tasting starting point with version 1.0, it's time to do some tweaking and add some more depth to our recipe. The immediate complaint about v1.0 was that, while it was clean and good, it was pretty boring. The hops were good, but not remarkable. The grain bill was basic and the finish was a bit dry.

So, for the next step in the evolution of this ultimate American Wheat, we're going to tweak the yeast. Our yeast of choice for this round is the Wyeast 1010 American Wheat yeast strain. The Wyeast website says this strain is "a dry fermenting, true top cropping yeast which produces a dry, slightly tart, crisp beer. Ideal for beers where a low ester profile is desirable."

Like our original American Ale yeast, this strain is a good attenuator (74%-78%) and has the added bonus of fermenting at a relatively low ale temperature range (58 to 74F) to product a clean finish. Likely, this yeast is a variant or close relative of a Kolsch strain, which produces a clean beer with some nice fruity components.

Other than changing the yeast, everything else was satisfactory and will stay the same.

The Results : v1.1

As advertized, this yeast added a little bit of fruitiness to the final product. It was also a REALLY good attenuating yeast despite the lower fermentation temperatures (around 62.) All things equal, Wyeast 1010 was preferrable to the American Ale (Safale S05.)

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American Wheat Experiment v1.1 ::: 1.052/1.010 (6.25 Gal)

Grain Bill (Assumed 70% Efficiency)

5# - 2 Row Pale Malt
5# - White Wheat
2# - Victory Malt

Hop Schedule - 21 IBU

1oz. - Liberty - 60 min.
1oz. - Liberty - 30 min.


Wyeast 1010 American Wheat Yeast - 1000ml starter


Mash at 151 for 60 min.
Boil time : 60 min.
Cool and ferment at 60°


Results: Wyeast 1010 is an improvement.

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